Trivia Night - Every Wednesday night 9-11
Voted Best Trivia by The Coast this year!

These days you can find a version of "trivia night" in many different bars - but this is where it all began and we've still got the best game in town!

Seven years ago Rogues Roost hosted Halifax's first trivia night. In no time at all we became the place to be on Wednesday night. With sweet prizes and drink specials that run from 9pm until 11pm, the bar fills up quickly with groups of friends forming their teams.

How the game works:

- The evening is directed by our illustrious trivia host. He explains everything before things get going so the show runs smoothly.

- You can form a group and play as a team or you can fly solo and keep all the glory for yourself.

- Pick up an answer sheet and a writing tool from the front of the room.

- There are three rounds.

- Each round consists of twenty questions.

- At the end of each round you submit your answer sheet. The answers are assessed and a winner is announced.

- If you find that you haven't won in a while, it might be time to order another round for the team.

- Happy hour on all of our micro brew from 9pm until 11. (Tap beer only.)

- $4.00 half pints

- $6.00 full pints --01